About Us

İZOYAPI Insulation decorative sistems company was found in 2000 by Mr. Ferman Kayma.

In the first years of work, the company was engaged in the sale of Insulating materials, Building chemicals, suspended ceilings, Roofing materials, plaster, plasterboard, interior and exterior paints, reinforcing bars, epoxy floors. Making wholesale trade the company took its place among the leading building brands in Turkey.

In 2003, with the İZOPİYER brand, the company made a major breakthrough in the construction industry, producing foam ceiling cornices. Thanks to the unique method of manufacture, material quality and ease of operation, one person can independently change the interior in the house.

The company is constantly looking for innovations and conducting research, as a result it was decided to start producing decorative heat-insulating facade elements made of EPS. Decorative elements used in the Ottoman and Roman architecture, becomes accessible to modern technology. The combination of high-threshold acrylic coating with a high level of EPS density, lightness, durability, simplicity and speed in use, product availability, wide choice, thermal insulation – all this is combined in the IZOYAPI company’s unique products

In 2015, the company expanded its activities and began to develop in the construction industry under the name İZOYAPI YALITIM AMBALAJ İNŞAAT ve TİC. Inc.

In 2016, with the help of high-tech machines, the production of EPS products increased a new product lines were launched under the brands “İZODEKOR” and “İZOWOOD“, DIY product without additional efforts. Easy to use and durable. A simple and original decorative solution with insulating capabilities.


Özverili bir çalışmayla altyapı yatırımlarına ve proje bazlı taahhüt işlerine devam eden firmamız, kurumsal olarak da kısa sürede büyük projelere imza atmış ve içinde yer aldığı sektörde konusu ile ilgili görüşü alınması gereken, akılcı çözüm önerileri sunan bir başvuru merkezi haline gelmiştir.